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Thanks to our talented, creative music teachers, love for music in all its forms begins at a very young age—because all children can be successful in some aspect of music and perform in amazing ways. When given the opportunity, students who struggle academically or behaviorally in other classes often shine on stage

Instruction covers five different areas that bring all elements of musicianship together and teach larger life concepts in the context of music.

  • Rhythm

  • Melody and pitch

  • Instruments, from basic wind instruments to those used in orchestra, jazz, and high school band

  • Composers and famous compositions

  • Performance 

Concerts & Musicals

Each year, every grade—K through 5—performs a concert that builds their individual skills, ability to work in an ensemble. As audience members, students learn to respect the hard work required to put on a performance. Self-confidence and musical skills progress each year through learning that’s fun and rewarding.

Reading and writing music begins in first grade, and by grade 5, students write their own musical compositions, which middle school students perform. Elementary students love hearing their music come alive.


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