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Ever dream of flying a plane or wonder what real pilots see and do? Do you want to pursue a career in aviation or the military?

The private pilot course at Howell High School offered in partnership with Crosswinds Aviation can get you off the ground. Open to juniors and seniors, this free course puts you on the path to fulfilling the classroom training and real-world experience needed to become a private pilot.

Just like any other pilot-in-training, you complete ground school hours, and you learn from a certified high school teacher, who has earned both his pilot license and the Federal Aircraft Administration (FAA) Ground Instructor Rating.

In addition to classroom instruction, guest speakers and field trips will introduce you to the world of aviation.

This course gives you the chance to:

  • Meet with expert aviators, as well as pilots who are local, and some who are nationally known

  • Learn about the interesting lives of commercial pilots and air traffic controllers

  • Climb aboard an airplane and learn about aircraft controls and maintenance

  • Take a flight lesson with a certified flight instructor

  • Log time on Crosswinds’ aviation flight simulator

  • Go on off-site field trips

And a whole lot more!

Get Hands-On Experience

This course is about investigating the practical applications of math and physics used in learning to fly. It provides you with hands-on experiences. You will team up with classmates to learn how to pilot and navigate a flight course; then you’ll fly that same trip on Crosswinds’ aviation flight simulator.

There's More Than Just Flying

Being a pilot is just one career path in aviation, but the goal of this course is to help you decide which area of aviation interests you the most. It’s a great launch pad to:

  • Aerospace engineering

  • Working as a commercial pilot

  • Pursuing a career in aircraft maintenance

  • A career as an air traffic controller

  • Working in ground operations


If you are set on a career as a pilot or in the field of aviation, you can apply for a variety of scholarships for additional flight training, college tuitions, along with special activities and camps.

Apply for the Course

Contact your counselor at Howell High School 517.540.8300.

Take Your Introductory Flight


Introductory flights will be given by volunteers of EAA Chapter 384’s Young Eagle’s Program. For more information on the EAA Young Eagles program, Experimental Aircraft Association, or the Brighton Sportplane Association click the links below.

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